The world has
achieved brilliance
without wisdom,
power without
conscience. Ours  is a
world of nuclear
giants and ethical
infants.” Bradley Omar
In just about every area of
society, there's nothing
more important than ethics.
Henry Paulson

Terms and Conditions- Please note these terms and conditions
apply to Membership Application for the Ethics Olympiad

1. Membership entitles schools (students and teachers) to the following benefits;
  • Discount on access to the online competitions.
  • Discount on registration fees for local Ethics Olympiad events.
  • The school will receive extra Ethics Cases
  • The school can identify themselves as an Ethics Olympiad School in their publicity.
  • Exclusive access to password protected resources to help schools teach applied
    and theoretical ethics.
2. Membership will need to be renews every three years. We will notify member schools two
months before their membership expires.
2. The discount on local events will only be applied once your membership subs are paid.
3. Membership applications will be processed as soon as possible but schools should
allow a 5-10 days for new member applications to be processed.
4. Member schools can only use the Ethics Olympiad logo in their publicity during the period
of membership.
5. Access to the online resources including extra cases will be provided to member schools
via the Members Only section of the Ethics Olympiad website and these resources can be
used by any member of that school community. The resources are not transferable and
must not be handed on to others outside the school community.
6. If a staff member that joined the Ethics Olympiad moves to another school they must pass
on the access codes to another person at the school and that teacher will need to reapply on
behalf of their new school.
7. Schools will be invoiced at the anniversary of their registration every
three years unless
they notify us otherwise that they wish to discontinue as a member of the Ethics Olympiad.
8. Access codes for the password protected section of the website will be sent to people at
the start of each year.

Cost- A joining fee of $180 shall be charged to a school to become a member of  the Ethics
-$180 for School Membership- (applies for three years to either a Senior High school, Middle
School or Junior School)
-$240 for Multiple School Memberships (e.g. Middle and Senior School) for three years.
Membership commences on the dat of your schools registration, not at the start of the
calendar year. Please note that members discount will not be applied where a school only
has Middle School Membership and they register to participate in a Senior High School
Ethics Olympiad.

Online Olympiads
9. Member schools will from time to time be invited to participate in exclusive online
opportunities with schools in others Australalian states or countries
10. Member schools are free to utilize the resources provided in order to run a local
Olympiad between there school and another
member school. Please note that it will be up
to the participating schools to organise their own Zoom link, moderator and judges.
11. One or both participating teachers will have to moderate the event. Schools will have to
find a time that suits both participating schools and then secure the assistance of at least
one judge each to act as a judge on the day. Ideally that person will not have children
involved or a familial link with the participating school.
12. There is no cancellation fee but members must provide one months notice if they want to
cancel their membership.
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