2020 Middle School
Ethics Olympiad
The importance of developing an ethical understanding remains high on the agenda of educators. The Ethics Olympiad has a proven track record of
providing teachers and students with a creative vehicle for developing skills in communication, critical thinking and respectful discourse while dealing with
contentious ethical issues.

Schools are invited to register one or two teams of five students to participate in the event.
During the day all students will be involved in a series of four Ethics Olympiad heats where they will be scored according to set criteria which rewards,
clear, concise, respectful discourse around interesting ethical cases. Coaches will be notified of the results later and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will
be mailed to successful schools on the following day.

Prior to the event
Schools can register online, and any school can participate We are accepting teams of five
students from Years 7-9. Once registered we will send you the cases. The registration fee is
$38-$45 per student.($190-$225 per team)  The entrance fee is smaller for
member schools. At
least one teacher from each school must attend the event throughout the day. There is also a
reduced rate for early bird bookings. Please note there are a limited number of teams that can

Dates: November 2020
  • Tasmania - Wednesday 4th November
  • ACT - Friday 6th November
  • Western Australia- Monday 9th November
  • Queensland - Friday 13th November (The three Qld Ethics Olympiads have been rolled into one)
  • North Island NZ- Wednesday 18th November FULL
  • South Island NZ-  Friday 20th November
  • New South Wales- Monday 23rd November FULL
  • New South Wales -Tuesday 24th November  FULL
  • Victoria-Wednesday 25th November FULL
  • South Australia & NT -Friday 27th November Nearly FULL

*Please note that due to the cancellation of the May Olympiads many schools transferred their registration to this Olympiad.
Places will be limited so book in early.
Format and Awards

The heats use the same format as the Ethics Bowl and the Ethics Olympiad. The main difference is that all groups
will be running simultaneously in breakout rooms in Zoom. There will be a round robin format with different schools
participating against each other. There will be a central timing system and teachers will judge school groups, apart
from their own school. Scores will be private on the day, but we will email the final scores to each participating school
after the event.

Medalists will be announced on the following day and certificates will be provided for all participants. Gold, Silver and
Bronze medals will be sent to the three top schools in each location. Depending on the size of the Ethics Olympiad a
number of teams will be invited to participate in an Australasian Final on February 24 2021.
Click here for details.

Coaches Training Kit- This kit will be provided to schools once you have registered. Included are the eight ethical
cases, score sheets, criteria, format details and other useful information.

Click here for a copy of the flyer
Program for the Day:
•        Starts 9 am - 9.15 am - Preparation
•        9.15-10.30 am - Heat One (Practice Heat)
•        10.30 am -11.45 am - Heat Two
•        11.45 Morning tea
•        12-1.15 - Heat Three
•        1.15 pm – 1.45 Lunch
•        1.45-3pm- Heat Four
•        3 pm – FInish

Eligible Year levels
In Australia we invite teachers of students Years 7-9 to participate. In NZ we are invite intermediate School students to
participate (Years 7-9) Please note that schools can change their team members right up to the date of the event but
students must currently be in Yrs 7-9.
"When first going into this Olympiad I had no
idea what to expect, and I was super nervous-
but I am so glad I did it. It was run wonderfully
and was really interesting. All of the people I
met were super kind. I really enjoyed being able
to share our views and discuss relevant ethical
issues. Thank you!" (Hobart Student)
"The Ethics Olympiad was incredible
and definitely a life changing
experience. It really opened my eyes
to the ethical possibilities and also
allowed me to hear and respect other
peoples positions on the case topics."
(Brisbane student)
St Andrews Students at the Christchurch Ethics Olympiad in May.
St Georges High School at the Sydney Olympiad
FROM THE 2019 Middle and Senior
Secondary Ethics Olympiads

  • Archie Stapleton    -    University of British Columbia
  • Darcy Blaxwell    -    University of New South Wales
  • Dr Daniel Burkett   -     University of New South Wales
  • Dr Esther Fayna Fuentes Lopez   -     Macquarie University
  • Dr Kelly Hamilton   -     Macquarie University
  • Dr Kyle Gibson    -    University of Canterbury (tutor)
  • Dr Leslie Burkholder    -    University of British Columbia Vancouver
  • Dr Micael Cholbi    -    University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Michael Barton   -     Uni of Melbourne
  • Dr Michael Peter Shepanski    -    Charles Sturt University

  • Dr Murilo Rocha Seabra   -     La Trobe University
  • Dr Stylianos Tavoularis   -     University of Sheffield
  • Guy Varndell    -    PLC   WA
  • Jack Wells    -    University of Western Australia
  • Lance McBride    -    University of Canterbury
  • Lauren Dickson   -     ANU
  • Sue Paff   -     Bishop Druitt College
  • Theo Stapleton    -    Masters, Contemporary China Studies
    (Undergrad in Philosophy)
  • Tim Nailer   -   Adelaide University
  • Thomas Yensch - University of Melbourne
  • Wendy Scott   -   MBA - Innovation and Management