2020 Middle School Ethics Olympiad Results
Tasmania   4/11/20

        Gold -  St Patrick;s College

        Silver - Rose Bay High School

        Bronze - Mac Killop Catholic College

Australian Capital Territory   6/11/20

        Gold- Merici College

        Silver- Campbell High School

        Bronze- Telopea Park High School

Western Australia  9/11/20

         Gold- Iona Presentation College

         Silver- St Stephens Carramar

         Bronze- Iona Presentation College

Queensland  13/5/20

        Gold- Anglican Church Grammar School

        Silver- Hillcrest Christian College

        Bronze- The Southport School

North Island New Zealand  18/11/20

        Gold- Diocesan School for Girls

        Silver- Samuel Marsden College

        Bronze- Diocesan School for Girls

South Island New Zealand  18/11/20

Gold- Papanui High School

         Silver- Middleton Grange High School

         Bronze- Middleton Grange High School

NSW    23/11/2019




NSW    24/11/2019




Victoria    25/12/2019




South Australia   27/11/2019



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