The world has
achieved brilliance
without wisdom,
power without
conscience. Ours  is a
world of nuclear
giants and ethical
infants.” Bradley Omar
In just about every area of
society, there's nothing
more important than ethics.
Henry Paulson

2020 Terms and Conditions

  • The Ethics Olympiad will do everything we can to ensure the smooth and fair running of the event.

  • The Ethics Olympiad will provide a list of cases for participating schools and training kits for schools in the lead up to the event.

  • Each school can enter a team, or two teams of five students. Smaller teams are permitted but the cost per team remains the same.

  • School groups will be competing against their own age group and mixed age groupings during the event.

  • Once registered school groups need to participate with an intact team to represent their school on the day. Every effort should be taken to replace
        a student who is unwell on the day. Last minute forfeits will not be reimbursed and should be avoided as this will effect allocations on the day.

  • Teachers need to provide a separate email address for each team at least two weeks before the event. This is in addition to their own email
         address as they will need a separate Zoom access point on the day.

  • Regarding the use of reserves. Schools can use reserves on the day but ideally a school team remains intact during the day. Please be aware
        that we will only provide five medals for each winning team.

  • Payment is required once registered to secure your registration.

  • Full reimbursements will be given up until two months before the event and in any case if the school is closed due to COVID restrictions. As fact
        that many of the upfront costs in running the event are made well beforehand no reimbursement will be provided after that date.

  • If we have an uneven number of teams participating we will ask a team to sit and observe  during each round. Those teams will have either the
        score attained in the practice round or an average score attained across the other two scored rounds. Whichever is higher.

  • Each participating school is required to provide a judge on the day. Accompanying teachers will not judge their own students on the day. If your
        school is new to the event judging can be covered in other ways. We will provide a training video for people new to judging.

  • Mobile phones and pre-prepared notes are not permitted to be used during the heats and finals. A point penalty will apply.

  • The decisions of the judges are final. Scores from the heats will be totalled on the day and these will determine the medal results.

  • Where there is a tie we will select the winner using the following process. The highest score in the third heat....if that is still a draw the highest
        score in the second heat and so on.

  • The results will be emailed to supervising teachers following the event as well as certificates and medals which will need to be presented to the
    students at a school assembly.

  • The minimum number of teams would be 8 teams (4/5 schools) The maximum number of schools is 20.

  • Where there is an uneven number of schools one school each round will have to sit out. In that case we would use their score form the practice round.

  • Where there is more than one judge involved in a heat, scores will be averaged across those judges in each round.

  • Photography- Please note that we will take a group shot of all participating teams, coaches and judges during the day.

  • Videoing- We do not usually video heats but where there is a need to video a round for training purposes we will consult with the coaches from the
    relevant schools.

  • The Ethics Olympiad has insured the event (Certificate of Currency is available on request) and has organisers all have WWC Registration.
         (WWC numbers are available on request)

  • If for some reason we have to cancel the event schools will have the option of a full refund or transferring their registration to the next Ethics Olympiad.

  • This event is to be held in 'good faith' by all participants.

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Updated July 2020