2021 Junior School Ethics Olympiad
Year 5/6
Anyone that has worked with children knows how interested they are in Ethical and Philosophical questions. "Why" questions are common and while they often display a refreshing inquisitiveness children often lack the skills to
put forward a reasoned argument or critique an argument. Children need opportunities to engage in ethical and moral issues developmentally and in a safe and structured environment.  

Ethics Olympiads and Ethics Bowls have been run for many years for University students, High School students and more recently Middle School students. Students rise to the occasion and work hard to improve their skills
These events provide a unique framework for young people to engage with students from around the world respectfully about topics that are of interest to them.
What does it mean to do something harmful? How can you tell
things that are harmful from things that are not? Is it harmful to cut down just one tree?  
or  Which animals would you not eat and why?

This year we have decided to offer an opportunity for Junior School students to engage with each other. This will involve students from throughout Australasia.

The structure of the event will involve three heats and the start times depend on where you are in Australasia. Each school is allowed a maximum of two teams. Each team consists of up to 5 students

Start times:
8 am - WA, Singapore & Hong Kong
9.30 am - SA
10 am - ACT, N.S.W, Qld, Tas & Victoria
12 pm - New Zealand

Finish times:
12.30 pm - WA, Singapore and Hong Kong
2 pm - SA
2.30 pm - ACT, N.S.W, Qld, Tas & Victoria
4.30 pm - New Zealand

Due to the time differences of the regions involved we cannot timetable meal breaks easily. Therefore, we will provide a 15 minute refreshment break between each Heat for teams to eat and go to the toilet. etc.

Prior to the event
Schools will need to register online here. Once registered we will send you six ethical cases. Click here for a sample case: During the day all students will be involved in a series of three Ethics Olympiad heats where they will be
scored according to set criteria which rewards, clear, concise, respectful discourse around interesting ethical cases. (See match format below)
Here is a video from the recent N.S.W. Middle School Ethics Olympiad.  Coaches will
be notified of the results later and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be posted to successful schools. As we are paying moderator judges again we will need to charge an entrance fee.  Once registered we will send you a
confirmation email. The registration fee is $240 per team - $225 for member schools).

Date: Friday 10th September 2021
Please note that the Junior School Olympiads on June 9th & Sept 8th are full so we are running a third Junior School Ethics Olympiad to enable more schools to participate.


Medalists will be announced on the
following day and certificates will be
Medalists will be announced on the
following day and certificates will be
provided for all participants. Gold, Silver
and Bronze medals will be sent to the three
top schools in each location.

Eligible Year levels
Participating students must be in Years  5 - 6 in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong or Singapore.
(10-12 year olds.)
"When first going into this Olympiad I had no idea what to expect, and
I was super nervous- but I am so glad I did it. It was really interesting.
All of the people I met were super kind. I really enjoyed being able to
share our views and discuss ethical issues. Thank you!" (Hobart
The St Andrews Students at the Christchurch Ethics Olympiad
The Iona Presentation College team at the Perth Olympiad
FROM THE 2020 Middle and Senior
Secondary Ethics Olympiads


  • Archie Stapleton    -    University of British Columbia
  • Darcy Blaxwell    -    University of New South Wales
  • Duncan Stuart    -   New School of Social Research - New York
  • Dr Daniel Burkett   -     University of New South Wales
  • Dr Esther Fayna Fuentes Lopez   -     Macquarie University
  • Guy Varndell    -    PLC   WA
  • Lance McBride    -    University of Canterbury
  • Lauren Dickson   -     ANU
  • Jack Wells    -    New School of Social Research - New York
  • Dr Kelly Hamilton   -     Macquarie University
  • Dr Kyle Gibson    -    University of Canterbury (tutor)

  • Dr Micael Cholbi    -    University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Michael Barton   -     Uni of Melbourne
  • Dr Michael Peter Shepanski    -    Charles Sturt University
  • Dr Murilo Rocha Seabra   -     La Trobe University
  • Sue Paff   -     Bishop Druitt College
  • Theo Stapleton    -    Masters, Contemporary China Studies
    (Undergrad in Philosophy)
  • Tim Nailer   -   Adelaide University
  • Thomas Yensch -  Melbourne University
  • Wendy Scott   -   MBA - Innovation and Management
FROM THE 2019 Middle and Senior
Secondary Ethics Olympiads
      Updated 11/3/2021