Over the years we have had many requests from participating schools to offer training for teams and coaches. This day long
training session will be tailored to meet the needs of ethletes (students), and coaches (teachers) preparing for the Ethics
Olympiad. They will be exposed to specialists in Philosophy and Ethics. The day will involve an intensive in-service in
theoretical and applied ethics as well as a great deal of practical and useful ideas for improving performance at the Ethics
Olympiad. Students will hear from people around the world
Schools are invited to register students to participate in the Ethics Olympiad training clinic. During
the day coaches and ethletes will hear from experts in the field including many of the judges. They
will participate and or observe in Ethics Olympiad heats. We will explore practical ways to deal with
current ethical cases.
Program for the Training Clinic:

9 am - 9.20 am Background and Housekeeping- Matthew Wills
9.20 am – 9.50 am Dr Matthew Deaton Author and academic - The University of Texas
- How can I do well at an Ethics Olympiad?
9.50 am - 10-10 am - How to structure a presentation, critique others and respond at
the Ethics Olympiad - Archie Stapleton (University of British Columbia, Canada)
10.10 am – 11.10 am - Exhibition Heat with commentary (Theo Stapleton, Oxford University)
Case 2 - The Tiger King
11.10 am -11.35 am Morning Tea
11.35 am -12.15 pm Dr Rachel Robinson-Greene  - Utah State University - Consequentialism.
12.15 pm -1 pm- Dr Matthew Beard - The Ethics Centre- Sydney- De-ontology

1.00 pm - 1.30 pm Lunch

1.30 pm - 2.30 pm Breakout rooms
·         Case 1 - The Korean Pop Industrial Complex Dr Kelly Hamilton
·         Case 3 - The Ethics of Truth and Public Safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic  Dr Kyle Gibson
·         Case 4 - Dating After Prison -Sue Paff
·         Case 5 - Who Gets to Be Fashionable? Dr Daniel Burkett
·         Case 6 - Gaming platforms and shocking speech Darcy Blaxell
·         Case 7 - (De)funding the Police Theo Stapleton
·         Case 8 - Is Elite a Case of Creative Freedom or Muslim Stereotyping? Archie Stapleton
2.30 - 3.00 pm - Judging Panel  Q&A Breakout Rooms
Dr Kelly Hamilton & Theo Stapleton
Archie Stapleton, Dr Kyle Gibson & Sue Paff
Dr Daniel Burkett & Darcy Blaxell
Eligible Participants

Any student and or teacher can attend. While we will be dealing with cases from
the 2021 Senior Students Ethics Olympiad the training clinic is open to anyone.
Please register early even if you confirm exact numbers later. Schools can
register any number of students to the event with a limit of 10 students. Teachers
can attend on their own.

Cost- $45-$50 per student. Coaches attend for free when accompanied by
students. If they attend without students it is $190 for member coaches and $200
for non-members.
"It was a great day that my
students and I thoroughly
enjoyed it. We are looking
forward to the next one.
Thank you for providing the
Brisbane Teacher
"The Ethics Olympiad
was incredible and
definitely a life
changing experience. It
really opened my eyes
to all the possibilities in
the world and also
allowed me to hear and
respect other peoples
opinions on the case
topics." Brisbane
Great day and invaluable
experience for our students.
Thank you so very much!"
Victorian Teacher
       Speakers & Judges

Dr Matthew Beard (AUS)
Dr Matt Beard is a husband, dad, pop
culture nerd, moral philosopher and
ethicist. Matt is a Fellow at the Ethics
Centre in Sydney Australia and the
resident philosopher for the kids ethics
podcast Short & Curly. He appears
regularly in print,  radio and TV
discussing ethical issues  from vampires
to anti vaccination.

Dr Matthew Deaton  (US)
Dr. Matt Deaton is the author of several
books about Ethics Bowls. He has hosted
a comedy club, competitively boxed and
kickboxed, and once survived an entire
Christmas season without a single drop of
eggnog. He is a part-time philosophy
professor at the University of Texas and a
well known keynote speaker. He writes to
enlighten, inspire and entertain

Dr Rachel
Robinson - Greene US
Rachel is an Assistant Professor of
Philosophy at Utah State University.
Her research interests include the nature of
personhood and the self, animal minds and
animal ethics, environmental ethics, and
ethics and technology. She is the co-host
of the pop culture and philosophy podcast
I Think Therefore I Fan.

Dr Kyle Gibson  (NZ)
Perhaps surprisingly, it was only after
starting university that Philosophy graduate
Kyle discovered the passion for education
which is now driving his plan to become a
teacher.‘But after attending the very first
Philosophy lecture my attitude changed,
and I knew I had found something worth
studying. Philosophy enabled me to
appreciate other areas of knowledge and
value my own education."

Archie Stapleton (Canada)
Having debated at High School for 5 years,
I spent two years in the Western Australian
Debate team, achieving highly
commended speaker awards at both
national Australian tournaments in 2014
and 2015. Won the Western Australian
Mock Trial competition in 2015, and was
prefect and debate captain in grade 12.
Now focussing on completing my Honours
in Philosophy in Canada.

Theo Stapleton (China)
Theo Stapleton is a research assistant
in the  School of Social Sciences at the
University  of Western Australia. His
current research focuses on the strategies
that religious groups apply to extend
their social influence in contemporary
China. He is currently living in Beijing
and commencing a Doctorate in
Philosophy at Oxford University.

Dr Kelly Hamilton  (AUS)
Kelly Hamilton lectures at Macquarie
University Research Centre for Agency,
Values and Ethics Philosophy
Department She has judged at the
recent Middle School Ethics Olympiads

Matthew Wills  (AUS)
Matthew Wills has had over thirty years
experience teaching Philosophy, Ethics
and Religious Education in excellent
schools. He is the project manager for the
Philosothon  Project and he is the
Manager of the Ethics Olympiad.
"Thanks for a wonderful day!"
Sydney Student
The training clinic involves one full day workshop and the
date depends on where your school is located.

• Tuesday 27th April- Eastern & Central Australian Schools
( This event is FULL Please book in on the 29th)

Wednesday 28th April-Western Australian Schools

• Thursday 29th April Eastern & Central Australian Schools

• Friday 30th April New Zealand Schools