Training Day Registration Junior School 1 2022

2022 Training Clinic


(8-13 years old students)

Eth-letes and coaches

29th or 31st March 2022
2nd or 5th August 2022

We ran training clinics last year for students preparing for Ethics Olympiads and the feedback from participating coaches and students was very positive. More importantly, the extra skills and confidence demonstrated by eth-letes at the Olympiads were obvious, to participating teachers and the judging panel.

Please note these training days are not compulsory but the training clinics are tailored to meet the needs of eth-letes (students), and coaches (teachers) as they prepare for the Junior School Ethics Olympiad. Participants will explore the same ethical cases as will be used in the Olympiads with specialists in Philosophy and Ethics. The day will involve an intensive in-service via Zoom in Ethics as well as many useful tips for students and coaches. Participants will not only hear from an international panel of experts during the day but also have the opportunity to engage with the judges. Please note that these training clinics are immune to Covid lockdowns as trainees and trainers can if necessary participate from home.

Schools are invited to register students to participate in a training clinic. During the day coaches and eth-letes will observe others preparing for an Ethics Olympiad heat and be involved in practical activities designed to improve skills. We will explore ways to deal with the current case set.

Training Clinic dates for the Junior students training clinic.
Please select one of the following dates/days. Each day caters for different time zones. The clinic will take a total of 4 hours.

  • Tues 29th March (or 2nd August)- NSW, NZ, Qld, Tas, ACT, Vic schools

-NZ Start time 11.30 am-Finish time -3.30pm
-NSW, Vic, ACT, or Tas- Start time 9.30 am-Finish time -1.30pm
-Qld Start time 8.30 pm-12.30 pm

2. Thurs 31st (or 5th August)- SA, NT, W.A, Singapore & HongKong schools.

-SA Start time 11.30 am-Finish time -3.30pm
-WA, Singapore, HongKong- Start time 9.30 am-Finish time -1.30pm

Program for the Training Clinic. (Please note that as we will be from a variety of time zones we have provided length of time in minutes rather than times of the day)

  • Housekeeping (20) – Matthew Wills
  • Session 1 (30) Dr Matthew Deaton -Author and academic – How can I do well at an Ethics Olympiad?
  • Break (10)
  • Session 2- Exhibition (20)- Exhibition Heat with commentary (Archie Stapleton, Harvard US)
  • Session 3- Tips on ways to score well. (30)(Theo Stapleton, Cambridge University UK)
  • Break (25)
  • Session 4 -Rules and Consequences – (45) Dr Matthew Beard – Sydney
  • Break (10)
  • Breakout rooms-(45) Current Case set JS
Case 1 – Akeelah and the Bee – Wanting to fit in – Dr Kelly Hamilton (NSW)
Case 2 – Avitar – Environmental Ethics – Lance McBride  (NZ)
Case 3 – Feathers and Fools – War- Lauren Dixon  (ACT)
Case 4 – Luke’s way of Looking – Creativity- Jack Wells (US)
Case 5 – Ali’s Story – Refugees –  Dr Kyle Gibson  (NZ)
Case 6 – Using Animals – Project X – Chimps as pilots- Dr Daniel Burkett  (NSW)
  • Finish & Thanks

Registration Fee
Once registered we will send you an email confirming your registration and an invoice. The registration fee is $32-$39 (AUS) per student for this in-service. Coaches can attend FOC if accompanied by four or more students. The entrance fee is smaller for member schools and there is a reduced rate for early bird bookings. (Valid up until 25/2/22). Schools can register 1-10 students for the training day.  


(Terms and Condition)
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Please use the slider to indicate the number of students. Note there is a maximum of 10 students from each school.
Please book in for one of these days. The days are divided into time zones.
(Please choose one of these options) Note if you want to register more than one coach without students please include name and contact details in the comments section.
Please provide a name & contact details for other colleagues attending from your school.