Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all Ethics Olympiads, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School. (See Training Camp -Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page)

  • The Ethics Olympiad will provide ethical cases and information kits for coaches & eth-letes in the lead up to the event.
  • Each school can enter a team of 5 students, or two teams of five students (10 students), Smaller teams are permitted but the cost per team remains the same. A maximum of 10 students can participate from each school. 
  • During Ethics Olympiads groups will be competing against their own age group and mixed-age groupings.
  • Registered school groups need to participate with an intact team to represent their school on the day. Every effort should be taken to replace a student who is unwell on the day. Last-minute forfeits will not be reimbursed and should be avoided as this will affect judge allocations on the day.
  • Regarding the use of reserves, schools can use reserves but ideally, a school team remains intact throughout the day. Please be aware that we will only provide five medals for each winning team.
  • Junior, Middle and Senior School Ethics Olympiads are run according to age levels due to the different systems in different jurisdictions. Junior Schools 9-13-year-old, Middle School 13-15-year-old and Senior School 15-19-year-old.
  • Apart from homeschooled students, team members must be from one school.
  • Payment is required once registered to secure your school’s place at the event.
  • Ethics Olympiads are now being run via Zoom to enable remote and regional schools to participate. Problems with access to Zoom and any internet problems are the responsibility of the registrant. Every effort will be made to accommodate any problems on the day.
  • Every effort will be made to make sure that there is an even number of teams but if we have an uneven number of teams participating, we will ask a team to observe during each round. Those teams will have an average score applied based on the other scored rounds.
  • Each participating school is required to provide a coach to supervise on the day.
  • Mobile phones, laptops and pre-prepared notes are not permitted to be used during the heats and finals. A point penalty will apply.
  • The decisions of the judges are final. Scores from the heats will be totalled on the day and these will determine the medal results. The overall results will be provided to each participating coach at the end of the event. Individual judges scores will not be provided after the event. 
  • Where there is a tie, we will select the winner using the following process. The highest score in the third heat….if that is still a draw the highest score in the second heat and so on.
  • The results will be emailed to supervising teachers following the event as well as certificates and medals which will need to be presented to the students at a school assembly.
  • Teams that win Gold or Silver medals will be invited to participate in the International final at the Senior or Middle School levels.
  • The minimum number of teams to run the event will be 8 teams (4/5 schools) The maximum number of teams is 30. 
  • Where there is more than one judge involved in a heat, scores will be averaged across those judges in each round.
  • Videoing- We do not usually video heats but where there is a need to video the event for training purposes, we will consult with the coaches from the relevant schools first.
  • The Ethics Olympiad has insured the event (A Certificate of Currency is available on request) and has organisers all have WWC Registration. (WWC numbers are available on request)
  • If for some reason we have to cancel the event, schools will have the option of a full refund or transfer their registration to the next Ethics Olympiad.
  • Cancellations- Full reimbursements will be given up until one month before the event minus 10% to cover administration costs. The fact that many of the upfront costs in running the event are made well beforehand means that no reimbursement will be provided after that.
  • COVID19

    • Where there is a lockdown we will make special arrangements for coaches and teams to participate from home. 
    • Where face masks are required by a school students can still participate but a sound check will need to be conducted in order to ensure the other team can hear you. Check with the judge at the start of your first heat.

The Australasian or International Ethics Olympiads

In 2020 we started offering medal-winning schools the opportunity to participate in a follow-up event with each other via Zoom.

  • Eligibility for these events will go to all schools winning a Gold or Silver medal, but in some cases where the number of teams participating exceeds 25 teams in a regional event or where for whatever reason a qualifying school cannot participate, we might invite Bronze medal-winning teams to represent their region.
  • The same conditions for cancellations apply to an Australasian Ethics Olympiad as do other Ethics Olympiads.
  • Due to time differences and in order to run this event during a school day we will confine the International final to three heats.

Training Camps/Clinics

Training Camps will be provided throughout the year for Junior,  Middle and Senior School students. The same cancellation criteria apply to training camps.

  • Full reimbursements will be given up until two months before the event minus 10% to cover administration costs.
  • If a school is closed due COVID related restrictions students and coaches can still participate from home.
  • Problems with access to Zoom and any internet problems are the responsibility of the registrant. Every effort will be made to accommodate problems on the day and assist schools leading up to the event. If there are any access problems caused by us, we will make a video available to the registrant.
  • Videoing of the training camp is not permitted, and the provider reserves the right to exclude anyone if they are uncooperative. 
  • The purpose of the training clinics is primarily to assist eth-letes and coaches in their preparation for an Ethics Olympiad. Any behaviour that undermines this will result in rejecting participants from the session.
  • We ask that everyone leave their camera on during the training day.