Ethics Olympiad Licence

If you would like to sign up to host Ethics Olympiads please fill in your details below.  (Terms and Conditions)

Please include the name of the licencee here.
Please include any experience you have had participating in, coaching or observing Ethics Olympiads.
Why would you like to host an Ethics Olympiad? What Year group or schools do you intend to offer the event to?
Please include your proposed structure (eg face to face or online), structure eg Internal to our school only?, proposed dates (roughly) etc
Licence Cost= $1400 AUD. The licence fee includes the training sessions and a registration licence for two years. This amount will need to be paid up front to the Ethics Olympiad. We will invoice you for this amount once this application is submitted. Support and Updates= An ongoing cost of $40 for each participating team in each Olympiad you run.