Ethics Olympiad -Finals Covid Update

It appears likely that Sydney and some other NSW schools might be in a lockdown for the Ethics Olympiad Final next week. This will impact 6 of the 38 participating schools. 
Previously, we had a lockdown in Victoria while the recent Junior School Ethics Olympiad was on and also in Singapore during the Senior Ethics Olympiad and these schools still participated successfully. What we did in these instances was to invite students from these schools to participate from home, individually. This adds a level of complexity to the organisation but where there is a lockdown we should be able to accommodate this by making a few adjustments. 
One of the difficulties faced by teams in lockdown is that they no longer have the chance to easily consult privately with each other during the student conference period. To compensate for this previously we have given these teams some extra time…while they communicate with each other remotely using a separate communication system. (eg Microsoft teams or a group Messenger call) To compensate for this we intend to add some extra time for your student conferences as follows. (Please be clear that this would only be applied to a team in lockdown where each student is on a separate device….not other teams.
New times
-Presentation preparation- 3 minutes (instead of 2 minutes)
-Response to presentation preparation -1.5 minutes (instead of 1 minute)
-Response to critique preparation -1.5 minutes (instead of 1 minute)
We will explain the time changes at the beginning on the day but coaches will need to pass on the Zoom link to your students and arrange for a method of communication apart from the Zoom link.
Of course schools affected by Covid lockdowns have the option to opt out of the final and receive a full reimbursement but we encourage you participate and plan for an adjusted form of participation. 
Matthew Wills
Ethics Olympiad Manager