International Ethics Olympiad Final

2021 International Ethics Olympiad

This page has been set up for qualifying schools that have been invited to participate in this year’s Senior Students Ethics Olympiad International final.   Top schools from each regional Ethics Olympiad have been invited to register for this event. Please note it will be run online and we will be using the same cases as have been used in regional events, but the questions asked of students will be different. The structure of the event will be slightly different to the regionals in that the start times depend on where you are in the world.

DATE 23rd July

Start times:

8 am – Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Western Australia

9.30 am – South Australia and Northern Territory

10 am – ACT, Brisbane, N.S.W, Tas, Queensland & Victoria

1 pm – New Zealand

5 pm Vancouver There will be three heats over the course of the 4 ¾ hour program.

Finish times:

12.45 pm – Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Western Australia

2.15 pm – South Australia and Northern Territory

2.45 pm – ACT, N.S.W, Tas & Victoria

5.45 pm – New Zealand

9.45 pm Vancouver

During the day all students will be involved in a series of three Ethics Olympiad heats where they will be scored according to set criteria that rewards, clear, concise, respectful discourse around interesting ethical cases. Coaches will be notified of the results later and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be posted to successful schools. Only one team from each qualifying school can enter (unless your school won Gold & Silver medals in your regional Olympiad) Due to the time differences of the regions involved we cannot timetable meal breaks easily. Therefore, we will provide a 15-minute refreshment break between each Heat for teams to eat and go to the toilet. etc

Registration -Schools will need to register online for this event. Once payment is received we will send you a Zoom link for the day. We will be

inviting the next placed school if we do not receive a registration within one week of the invitation being sent. As we are paying

moderator judges again we will need to charge an entrance fee.  Once registered we will send you a confirmation email.

The registration fee is $235 AUS.

Differences –Instead of 5-minute presentations students will have up to 7 minutes to present their arguments. Cases will not

be read at the start of each heat.

Eligible Year levels –The team that qualified in the regional event will represent your school.  Participating students must be in Senior High School.

-In Australia, we invite teachers of students Years 10-12 to participate.

-In NZ we invite secondary school students to participate in Years 10-13 (14–18-year-olds)

-In Hong Kong & Singapore we invite Secondary School secondary students (Secondary 4-6) to participate (14–18-year olds)

Awards – Medalists will be announced on the following day and certificates will be provided for all participants. Gold, Silver and

Bronze medals will be sent to the three top schools in each location.


Click on the region where you qualified.
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