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2022 Free Information Session
Ethics Olympiad
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This 1/2 hour session will be held via Zoom and will cover information that will be useful for people who would like to find out more about an Ethics Olympiad before signing up, or for people currently signed up for an Ethics Olympiad who has not previously participated. We will cover information that will be helpful to coaches primarily.

Please note that we are running these sessions after school according to different time zones.

Monday 24th OctoberEastern & Central Australian schools (ACT, NSW, Tas & Vic – 4 pm-4.30 pm)(Qld 3 pm-3.30 pm)( 3.30 pm-4 pm)(NT 2.30pm-3pm)

Tuesday 25th October 4 pm-4.30 pm New Zealand Schools

Thursday 27th October 4 pm-4.30 pm-Western Australia, South East Asian schools and Indian Schools. (Schools in India will need to log on at 2.30pm IST)

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