2022 Junior School Ethics Olympiad Registration

2022 Junior School Ethics Olympiad

Junior Ethics Olympiad Dates:

Tuesday 14th June 2022(Full)
Thursday 16th June 2022 (Room for one team)
Friday 17th June 2022(Full)
Tuesday 13th Sept 2022 (Full)
Thursday 15th Sept 2022 (Full)
Friday 16th Sept 2022
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Anyone that has worked with children knows how interested they are in ethical and philosophical questions. “Why” questions are common and while they often display a refreshing inquisitiveness children often lack the skills to put forward a reasoned argument or critique an argument. Children need opportunities to engage in ethical and moral issues developmentally and in a safe and structured environment.  

As was the case in 2021 we are hosting  Junior Olympiads in June & September. Any school in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore can enter the Ethics Olympiad. Schools can enter one or two teams, each team with up to five students. Note: schools can only register for one of these six dates. Fill in your details below to secure a place for your school. We will get back to you with the cases and information kits for you and your students after your registration has been received. 

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Start times:
8 am – Western Australia, Singapore & Hong Kong
9.30 am – South Australia & Northern Territory
10 am – ACT, N.S.W, Qld, Tas & Victoria
12 pm – New Zealand

Finish times:
12.30 pm – Western Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong
2 pm – South Australia and Northern Territory
2.30 pm – ACT, N.S.W, Qld, Tas & Victoria
4.30 pm – New Zealand

Prior to the event
Schools will need to register. The registration fee is $240 per team  ($225 for member schools). Once registered we will send you six ethical cases. Students meet with each other regularly in preparation for the event. We are also running some online training clinics for schools in August. In any case, we will send you information kits for students and coaches. Closer to the day we will send you a Zoom link, a list of participating schools from around Australasia and further details.  Click here for more information about the training clinics.   

During the event

Students will be involved in a series of three heats with different schools. Each heat will deal with two cases. (See Match Format above) Teams will be scored according to set criteria that rewards, clear, concise, respectful discourse in response to a question about the ethical case. 

After the event

Coaches will be notified of the results later and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be posted to successful schools. And a certificate will be provided for all participating students.

Eligible Year levels

Participating students must be (9-12-Year-olds), Years 5 – 6 in Australia, Primary 4-6 in Hong Kong, Grade 5-7 in New Zealand, and 5-8 in Singapore.

Please fill in your details below and press submit. We will get back to you with the cases, information kits and an invoice to process through your school’s administration. Please email us if you do not hear from us within 48 hours. 

Please choose one of these dates for your school to participate in an Ethics Olympiad.
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