Host School
Hosting an Ethics Olympiad is a wonderful way of demonstrating a schools commitment to ethics in
education. The community can see how seriously the school takes its commitment to developing ethical
understanding in students. Furthermore it provides an event in the life of the school where, not only is there
engagement between students from different schools but also within the school it promotes a dialogue
around the ethical issues that are being discussed at the event.  

Requirements: requires a large open flat space with a microphone for the coordinator to run the event.
Students sit at round or square tables, each requiring 11 chairs.

The host school would need to provide lunch, morning and afternoon tea for the teachers and the university
judges, but these costs would be reimbursed to the school.

The host schools would welcome students from nearby schools and would need a space for at least 80
students and 8 teachers.

The Ethics Olympiad would provide the host school with a list of schools attending and provide all
participating students with preparation kits, name tags and training on the day. Would also provide the
medallions for each member of the Gold,Silver and Bronze teams.

The cases are taken from current the 2019 Ethics Olympiad Cases.

To keep the cost down students will bring their own lunch but teachers and university based specialists
would be provided with a free lunch and morning tea. Schools are reimbursed for this cost.
Spectators/parents and other supervised students are welcome to watch.

The event would be run by an Ethics Olympiad Official who would ensure the smooth running of the event
from start to finish.

Email the Ethics Olympiad office if your school would like to host an Olympiad.
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