Building on the success of High School Ethics Bowls in the US and Philosothons around Australasia this initiative commenced 2013 with the first ever international Ethics Olympiad trials. Schools from Australia and the United States participated in the event which required students to demonstrate higher order thinking and exceptional communication skills. The founder of US Ethics Bowls, Robert Ladenson has recently written-
I find this in all these
places I've been
travelling - from
India to China, to
Japan and Europe
and to Brazil - there
is a frustration with
the terms of public
discourse, with a
kind of absence of
discussion of
questions of justice
and ethics and of
Michael Sandel
"Ethics and equity and the principles of justice do not
change with the calendar." D. H. Lawrence
Medal Winners

2014/15 Medal winners

Gold Medal winning schools - In order to win a gold medal a school must win a regional/local and
international Ethics Olympiad event.

- Bentley School - California United States
- Hale School - WA Australia
- Methodist Ladies College - Vic Australia

Silver Medal winning schools

In order to win a silver medal a school must win a regional/local Ethics Olympiad event

- Holy Spirit College - Corromal NSW Australia
- St Patricks College- Townsville- Qld Australia

Bronze Medal winning schools

In order to win a bronze medal a school must participate in an international Ethics Olympiad event.

- Austin East High School -Tennessee United States

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