Training Day Registration Page (August 2021)


Over the years we have had many requests from participating schools to offer training for teams and coaches. This day-long training session will be tailored to meet the needs of eth-letes (students), and coaches (teachers) preparing for the Middle and Junior School Ethics Olympiads. Participants will explore cases with specialists in Philosophy and Ethics. The day will involve an intensive in-service in ethics as well as a great deal of practical and useful ideas students to be confident in the Ethics Olympiad. Participants will also hear from people around the world.

“Great day and invaluable experience for our students. Thank you so very much!” – Victorian Teacher

Schools are invited to register students to participate in the Ethics Olympiad training clinic. During the day coaches and eth-letes will hear from experts in the field including many of the judges. They will observe an Ethics Olympiad heat and be involved in practical activities designed to improve skills. We will explore practical ways to deal with current ethical cases.

Program for the Training Clinic:
-9 am – 9.20 am Opening Ceremony- Matthew Wills
-9.20 am – 9.50 am Dr Matthew Deaton Author and academic – The University of Texas- How can I do well at an Ethics Olympiad?
-9.50 am – 10-10 am – What to expect at an Ethics Olympiad and how to do well- Archie Stapleton (University of British Columbia, Canada)
-10.10 am -11.10 am – Exhibition Heat with commentary (Theo Stapleton, Oxford University)
-11.10 am -11.35 am Morning Tea.
11.35 am -12.15 pm Dr Rachel Robinson-Greene  – Utah State University – Consequentialism.
-12.15 pm -1 pm- Dr Matthew Beard – The Ethics Centre- Sydney- De-ontology
-1.00 pm – 1.30 pm Lunch
-1.30 pm – 2.30 pm Breakout rooms
Case 1 – Dr Kelly Hamilton, Case 3 – Dr Kyle Gibson, Case 4 – Sue Paff, Case 5 – Dr Daniel Burkett,
Case 6 – Darcy Blaxell, Case 7 – Theo Stapleton Case 8 – Archie Stapleton
-2.30-3pm Judging Panel Q&A-Breakout rooms
Dr Kelly Hamilton, Theo Stapleton, Archie Stapleton, Dr Daniel Burkett, Darcy Blaxell, Dr Kyle Gibson & Sue Paff


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